Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab

- a collaboration between KTH and Fraunhofer

The Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab (PMH Application Lab) is a research center at KTH which is operated in collaboration with the German research organization Fraunhofer. The PMH Application Lab works in research and development for the improvement of technologies in the field of powertrain manufacturing for heavy vehicles on high technology readiness levels to strengthen the competence of the Swedish heavy vehicle industry in this area. This comprises project execution, project coordination and dissemination with the goal to validate technologies and to accelerate the transfer of these technologies into industrial application.

  • Project Execution

The PMH Application Lab executes R&D projects to transfer technologies into industrial application. The focus of activities of PMH Application Lab is R&D on high Technologies Readiness Levels (TRL ≥ 6).

  • Project Coordination

The PMH Application Lab coordinates research and development projects. Especially this applies to the research activities of the PMH R&D Cluster but also public funded projects (EU, VINNOVA, ...) are coordinated by the PMH Application Lab.

  • Dissemination

The PMH Application Lab organizes education, dissemination and training in the focused research areas, e.g. by involving PhD students and undergraduate students in the project activities and by organizing seminars and training for students and industry professionals.

Swedish-German Testbed for Smart Production

The Swedish-German Testbed for Smart Production is an integrated hardware and software interface, consisting of a set of interconnected machine tools and software systems. The different sites in the testbed are the PMH Application Lab at KTH campus and sites of PMH’s research and industrial partners. This testbed thus offers a unique test and validation platform for cross-location developments in Industry 4.0 and smart production – especially for small and medium sized companies in close cooperation with OEMs as well as other internationally acting companies.

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Manufacturing of Electric Powertrains

Profound knowledge and understanding are required in the evolving field of electric powertrain production. Introducing the topic as new focus area within the PMH Application Lab aims to generate essential knowledge to assist OEMs and other industrial partners in their future development.

Brochure "Manufacturing of Electric Powertrains" (pdf 3.6 MB)

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