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Intensive course gear technology for industry professionals

Time: Wed 2019-06-12 08.30 - Thu 2019-06-13 16.00

Lecturer: Jannik Henser

Location: KTH Royal Institute of Technology | PMH Application Lab | Brinellvägen 68 | 114 28 Stockholm |Sweden


Dr.-Ing. Jannik Henser
Dr.-Ing. Jannik Henser
Managing Director +46 8 790 9068
Brinellvägen 68 114 28 Stockholm Sweden Room K 534

About the course

Gears are used in various applications as for example trucks, cars, wind turbines, industrial gearboxes or aerospace applications. To design, manufacture and operate gears it is necessary to have a deep understanding about gear geometry, gear manufacturing and gear performance.

The gear technology seminars by PMH Application Lab offer an insight into the world of gears and cover a wide range of relevant knowledge, starting from the mathematical basics and reaching into the application of modern manufacturing and testing technologies. The intensive course gear technology for industry professionals is designed for beginners in gear technology with no pre-experience or professionals with basic knowledge with the ambition to build up a general technical understanding in this field.


11 000 kr

The fee includes all course materials, meals and a networking dinner. Members of the PMH R&D Cluster get a 20% discount.